NLRB Decision

There were several board charges filed against Cascades Container Board Packaging in Niagara Falls, NY. Three of those charges went to trial this past December 3, 4 & 5, 2019. We received the decision from the NLRB and all charges filed were ruled in our favor.

(When downloading the full decision, click on website view to see it's entirety)

To all Maintenance Personnel

Message from Business Rep. Rick Dahn

The Union must be notified of changes verbally or in writing!!!

Get a seat at the table!!!


Does Job security matter?

With a Union Contract it does. 

Do your concerns, issues and grievances get resolved?

With a Union Contract there will be resolution. 

Do you have respect and dignity?

As soon as you VOTE YES that respect and dignity that you deserve will finally be given to you.

Is there fairness, as it pertains to job bids, schedules worked or time off?

There is not fairness unless there is a Union Contract.  

Safety issues? Automatically fired if something happens?

No longer fear getting hurt at work. With a grievance procedure you no longer become an employee at the will of the company. You become a justified employee. The employer must prove the allegations against you. They can no longer fire or lay employees off at will. Union contracts across the country and union contracts with your employer have safety committees to ensure ALL WORKERS SAFETY!!!