Membership Information and Stewards Training

Membership Information and Steward Training

 @ The Elks Club on 7710 Buffalo Ave. Niagara Falls.

May 30th and 31st 4pm-7pm both days


Brian Weatherwax - Finch Paper, IAMAW District 65


“I’ve worked at Finch Paper in the maintenance department for the past 7 years. When I first started I had my doubts about the Union.  I thought Unions just protected bad workers and I didn’t need protection. Now I’m a Union Steward and I help negotiate our Union contract.  If we didn’t have the backing of the union and the protection of the contract, management could walk all over us. Because we have a good contract, we are able to keep better caliber workers and that’s important to the guys in our department.”    

Ryan Sweeney - API


“Being a member of a Labor Union saved my life, literally. In October of 2015 I came down with what I thought was a sore throat. After two weeks of doctor visits and misdiagnoses, my health declined to the point that I was admitted to the hospital here in Buffalo and the pattern of worsening health and misdiagnoses continued for another week or so. The benefit package negotiated for me by the Machinists Union made it possible for me to have affordable access to the best healthcare in the world. When the doctors in Buffalo realized I was not actually sick with an illness and my condition was being caused by an auto immune response, I was able to be sent to the Cleveland Clinic where I was eventually diagnosed and treated for a very rare auto immune disorder that no facility in Western New York was familiar with dealing with. The stress of being that sick was never compounded by any fear that my job would bein jeopardy for time missed or simply being eliminated because my healthcare was 

becoming too expensive. My contract guaranteed my job would be there when I was ready to return to it.  

Union workers live better. I am living proof. Working under a collective bargaining agreement negotiated by the Machinists Union has given me better wages, better working conditions, better benefits, a defined pension and most importantly respect on the shop floor. “  

Brian Lynott, Electrician - Milkbone, IAMAW District 65


“I worked at Cascades in Niagara Falls for a few months back in 2009, I had safety concerns so I didn’t stick around. I ended up leaving and taking a job at Milkbone. The pay was better, the benefits package was better and there is a pension because that’s what the Union had negotiated.  Because I love my job I got involved and I’m now the Chief Steward.  We have great solidarity with each other and have a good relationship with management.  We work in tandem to ensure the profitability and sustainability of the company.  Right now we are working together to design the trainings for new hires.  We also recently negotiated fully paid healthcare.  Listen, there’s no shortcuts, but if you want to make real changes, you need to build your Union.”


IAM Members showing support

Get a seat at the table!!!


Does Job security matter?

With a Union Contract it does. 

Do your concerns, issues and grievances get resolved?

With a Union Contract there will be resolution. 

Do you have respect and dignity?

As soon as you VOTE YES that respect and dignity that you deserve will finally be given to you.

Is there fairness, as it pertains to job bids, schedules worked or time off?

There is not fairness unless there is a Union Contract.  

Safety issues? Automatically fired if something happens?

No longer fear getting hurt at work. With a grievance procedure you no longer become an employee at the will of the company. You become a justified employee. The employer must prove the allegations against you. They can no longer fire or lay employees off at will. Union contracts across the country and union contracts with your employer have safety committees to ensure ALL WORKERS SAFETY!!! 

Anti-Union Busting

Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent each year by companies to hire "labor consultants". They will lead employees down a feared path. They will tell you "don't let a 3rd party come between us." They will say "our door is always open." They will scare you with strikes, dues and assessments. Below is a video of a former Anti-union labor consultant and this is his confession. (This video was made by the AFA) The confessions told occur in every organizing campaign across the country. 


Pledge to VOTE UNION YES Only District 65 Representative will receive this pledge. NEVER THE COMPANY. NEVER THE PUBLIC.

IAM Union Strong

What have unions done for us?

A LOT!!!!!