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Representing Workers from all over New York State and Northern Pennsylvania

  • Local Lodges in and around Buffalo, Palmyra, Alden, Wellsville, Elmira, Auburn, Oneida, Whitesboro, West Valley, Fort Drum, Watertown, Warren PA, Westfield, Bradford PA, Jamestown, Sinclairville, Romulus

LL 330, 588, 761,1180, 1580, 1379, 2671, 1509, 2310, 2401, 2920, 993, 1555, 1644, 2105, 2495, 2780, 1607

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Now and into the future!!!! 

If you're not at the table, you're on the menu!!! 

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Meet the Business Representatives

Assistant Directing Business Rep. Pete Cooney,

Business Rep. Lorie Wilson,

Directing Business Rep. Ron Warner 

(From left to right) 

(Not pictured Business Rep. Rick Dahn)

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IAM District 65

Jamestown, New York, United States

(716) 487-1982

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Guide Dogs of America

The IAMAW is a strong supporter of Guide Dogs of America and we are proud of the role in the founding of the school. Over 60 years ago a retired member, Joseph Jones, Sr. lost his sight. Weighing his options, along with the help from IAMAW, the International Guiding Eyes was formed.  It started with one member needing help, with everyday life, to the hundreds of thousands of members who continue to be generous and dedicated since 1948.